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So that you can see the windows from every bed

It is a well-designed hospital room.

With the announcement of the state of emergency

From August 20th, the visit will be suspended.


​・ About correction of outpatient clinic table

There is an error in the September charge table that I sent by mail.

I will correct it below. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Dr. Seko 25th (Wednesday) → 22nd (Wednesday) is the correct medical treatment day.

Dr. Shibata  The correct medical treatment day is from 4th (Sat) to 11th (Sat).

Orthopedics Every Friday night consultation ・ Every Saturday morning only.

   (The start time of orthopedic surgery is 16:00 on Friday and 8:30 on Saturday .) ​​

・ September 28th (Sat) Pediatrics Dr. Tanaka will be closed.

・ September Dermatology The start time of medical treatment may change, so please contact us before going to the clinic.

In August, medical treatment will start at 14:30.


・ September Medical treatment by Dr. Zhao, Internal Medicine, will be a substitute for the time being .

・ September Otolaryngology Dr. Yasuda 7th (Tuesday) The afternoon consultation will be closed.




→ 新型コロナウイルスPCR検査(LAMP法)







​Recruiting staff

​We are looking for the following staff. ​​

◎ Tango Furusato Hospital

Nurse / pharmacist / clinical laboratory engineer / speech therapist / medical office / nursing assistant / facility management

◎ Special Nursing Home for the Elderly Hometown

Nurses / caregivers (unqualified persons allowed) / care managers

If you are interested, please contact the Personnel Department. 0772-72-5055

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