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Consultation hours

Reception hours: 7: 30-11: 30

​ (Night consultation) 16: 00-18: 30

Consultation hours: 9: 00 ~

(Night consultation) 16: 30 ~

Closed days: Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays

* However, it may differ depending on the subject.

There is, so in the outpatient department table

Please check it.

Medical subjects

  1. Department of Neurology

  2. Internal medicine

  3. Cardiology

  4. Diabetology

  5. Respiratory medicine

  6. Rheumatoid arthritis

  7. Orthopedics

  8. Surgery / Gastrointestinal Medicine

  9. Dermatology

  10. Japanese and Chinese clinical department

  11. Thyroid outpatient

  12. Occupational medicine

  13. Anesthesiology

  14. Gynecology

  15. Pediatrics

  16. Ophthalmology

  17. Otorhinolaryngology

  18. ​ Dentistry / Dental Surgery

If you have symptoms such as fever

First by phone

Please contact me.

* Please contact us in advance if any of the following apply.
 ・ Those who have fever
・ Cough, sputum, diarrhea, within a week
Those who have symptoms of dysgeusia
・ Contact with infected or suspected infected person
Those who were
・ To areas with high risk of infection within two weeks
Those who went
​​In addition, we will check the temperature and symptoms at the time of consultation. Thank you for your cooperation.

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​1st floor guide map


In-hospital pharmacy


At Tango Furusato Hospital, most medicines can be prescribed in-hospital. Since the labor of the patient is reduced and the pharmacist can communicate directly with the doctor and the patient, the medicine can be delivered more safely.

​ The pharmacist will hand over the patient directly from the pharmacy next to the checkout counter in order from the patient who has completed the checkout.

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