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Hospitalization procedure

Visiting hours

When you are hospitalized, please complete the hospitalization procedure at the reception on the 1st floor and submit the following documents.  


·Health insurance card

・ Welfare medical care beneficiary certificate, other beneficiary certificate

・ Standard burden reduction certificate

・ Long-term care insurance certificate

·Patient registration card

・ Hospitalization certificate

・ Documents such as discharge certificate that can confirm hospitalization history
  (Those who have been hospitalized within the past 3 months) 

Preparing for hospitalization

・ Clothing Pajamas Underwear ... etc.

・ Bath products Bath towels Towels Body soaps Shampoos ... etc.

・ Toiletries Washbasin Toothbrush Comb Shaving ... etc.

・ Meals, chopsticks, spoons, cups, etc.

- the other room for the kimono trash watch
Medications you are taking

Tissue paper

Wet wipes

Toilet paper ... etc.

◆ Visit reservation ◆

Please apply to each ward by phone <0772-72-5055> by the day before. Please tell us that you would like to visit and the name of the ward (East 2F, East 3F, West Ward).
We will connect to each ward staff.

◆ Reception hours ◆

From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm until the day before the visit

◆ Target person ◆

Family members living in Kyotango City, Yosano Town, and Miyazu City.
Please refrain from relatives, friends, and people from other prefectures.

However, please contact us if you have any circumstances.

* Up to 2 people per family per visit. 

​About hospitalization fee

・ Health insurance law stipulates medical expenses during hospitalization

It will be calculated based on the medical fee points. 
・ Patients will be responsible for food and medical expenses. 
・ Please bear the actual cost for diapers and other non-insurance burdens.

・ We rent TVs (for a fee), so

Please let us know if you wish. 
・ The hospitalization fee is calculated once a month (at the end of the month).
​ The statement will be delivered to the hospital room around the 10th of the following month.

Please pay at the accounting on the 1st floor. 
・ When you leave the hospital, please pay before you leave the hospital. 
・ For inquiries regarding hospitalization fees, please contact the Medical Affairs Division. 

​About wards and rooms

<General ward> ・ ・ ・ There are private rooms, severely ill private rooms, and quadruple rooms.

・ East 2F ward (50 people)

・ East 3rd floor ward (50 people)

<Recuperation ward> ・ ・ ・ There are private rooms, double rooms and quadruple rooms.


・ West Ward 3F (30 people)

・ West Ward 4F (30 people)

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